Is Your Electrical Panel Due For An Upgrade In Linwood, NJ?

Is Your Electrical Panel Due For An Upgrade In Linwood, NJ?

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Electrical panels are used to regulate the electricity in your system and prevent overloads which can lead to a fire. If too much electricity is demanded on a circuit in your home than the panel with trip a "breaker" to stop the electricity from overloading the wire.

Sometimes as homes age the electrical panels have a hard time keeping up with the demands of increasing electronics. If your home doesn't have the sufficient power that it needs you should consider a service and panel upgrade. Upgrading your electrical panel isn't something that people think about regularly, but just like other equipment in your home it sometimes it needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Linwood, Northfield, NJ

How to know if you need an electrical panel upgrade

If your home is more than 20 years old, or still has a fuse box, you might need an electrical panel upgrade. It's important to watch for sign that your electrical panel needs replacing in order to avoid a devastating fire. Some signs to look out for are:


  • Warm Electrical Panels
  • A Burning Smell 
  • Flickering or Dim Lights
  • Panel is Tripping Often 




If you notice one of these sign don't hesistate, call our team of expers in Linwood, Northfield, NJ team today. You can trust KN Electrical to handle everything so you can sit back and put your mind at ease.